Please try and find another builder. I was buying from DR Horton in Summerville, SC. It was a nightmare. Initially when I made the offer on the house the sales agent Nick told me the neighbor behind me had overtaken the homes property line by ten feet with bushes they had planted. I was assured he had spoken to them and they would be removing the bushes within two weeks. I stupidly took him on his word (never trust this company). I paid the 2,000 in earnest money and drove back to NY. I had the house inspected a month prior to clothing.

After driving from NY to SC I went on my final walk through prior to closing which was to be later that day. It was a disaster the roof had buckled from improper venting and was leaking. The back door had rotted out from them using regular lumbar not pressure treated. But the best is about to come. Remember the bushes that were supposed to be moved two weeks after me signing the contract they were still there. The builder had no idea. Even though the surveyor came out and my property line went into the woman's backyard. To make this better the house they were building on the side of me had about 1/4 of property line with the surveyors sticks clearly marking it. The neighbors sewer line was on my property. Then the builder had went to ask the woman behind me if anyone had talked to her about moving the bushes with encroached 10 ft into my property line (you know the property line that determines what taxes you pay) she said no one had spoken to her. So she calls her son who happens to be on the board of the homeowners association. He comes to my supposed new home and starts yelling at me that she was allowed to keep her bushes there. All because on easement on the rear of property entails you to encroach on 10 feet additionally of your neighbors property because they build there house first. Trying to tell him he was wrong and he had no idea what he was talking about led into a huge argument.

After trying to get ahold of Nick the sales agent for Carriage Lane in Summerville, SC it took 4 hours for him to answer the phone by the way. All he could say to me was "he dropped the ball." I was so disgusted I called a lawyer in Charleston, SC to see what could possibility be done. Turns out the real estate laws in SC are not meant for the buyer only the builder. I have build a home in Orlando, Fl and a home in upstate, NY and have never had a problem. The builder refused to pay for a hotel since I refused to close with a house in massive disrepair and a neighbor from ***. I choose after driving all my belonging in a Uhaul to SC from to drive back to NY and build another home in NY after selling my prior home.

Please whatever you do try and get out to that contract. Since November I have been trying to get my earnest money back. Finally three days ago I received my check. This was an utter nightmare that I would not wish upon anyone. The home I was in contract to buy was in Carriage Lane the address was 556 Rosings Drive Summerville, SC 29483. While it is a beautiful home from the front is was a mess. I truly hope no ones ever buys this home.

Just FYI Engle Builders (they build in the South) was fantastic. Best buidlers ever I wish they would have built in SC.

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