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We purchased/built a DR Horton Home 6 years ago. From day one, we have had issues with pipes freezing.

We have invested well over $1,000 having broken pipes repaired, areas around pipes properly insulated (they were all insulated incorrectly) and have had the side of our house torn off to make repairs where the pipe ran 1/2" from the vent into the crawl space. Basically, cold air just sat right on the pipe. When I contacted DR Horton to discuss having some of these plumbing/pipe freeze issues repaired under my 10 year structural warranty, I was told by the dumb a** I was working with that these type of repairs are not covered. The structural warranty covers things that could "lead to loss of life" according to him.

Guess loss of all our possessions with flooding and loss of our sanity climbing into the crawl space 20 times during the winter with a blow dryer to unfreeze the pipes isn't enough. NEVER, EVER, EVER BUY A HOUSE FROM DR HORTON. They are, by far, the worst homebuilder out there and don't stand by their written warranties.

They are a bunch of crooks that don't care about people and the lives they are affecting with their shoddy standards.

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