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I bought in 2006, I was forced to go through their mortgage company or wasn't allowed to purchase the house. I wanted to go through Wells Fargo where I have a history and after financing through DHI, it was sold to Wells Fargo within 2 months. After moving in, I had numerous issues that needed to be addressed. It was nearly impossible to get them to come out to fix things. They would either not get back to me or would schedule appts and not show up. Needless to say, after a long process, I had them address my main concerns and just let the rest go, I was tired and frustrated. I missed a lot of work due to this not to mention the amount of stress I went through. Even after all of that, I was in my house for one and a half year's and discovered some more issues 8/07 with my "new" home. The main concern at that time was my pergo floors in my kitchen were lifting. They scheduled a floor specialist to come and look at it and they took a look at what material was needed and scheduled another time for it to be repaired. The guy that looked at my floor said that it could only be caused by water/moisture. They left and came back a few weeks later to start the work on my floor and the floor guy took the baseboard off from behind my stove at that time to discover black mold. At that time, COIT was called to prepare for clean up and my kitchen was closed off. After a few determinations, the final outcome was that the Maytag installers that installed my overhead microwave puntured the wasteline from the master bath upstairs and that created a leak and brought on the mold issue. It went about 3-4 feet up the wall and floor and behind my cabinets. They did all the clean up and repaired the walls and flooring and replaced some cabinetry.

Just recently, I had another problem. I was in the process of selling my house and noticed water damage on a baseboard and could hear water dripping. I panicked and immediately hired a plumber to come out within an hour. They cut into the wall and discovered that the water line had been punctured by a nail from the shelf in the pantry. The nail finally rusted after 5 years, causing the leak. This was an emergency situation being that there was leaking water and that I was in process of selling my house and had to rectify the problem immediatey. DR Horton has a poor history in responding in a timely manner in general, let alone this type of situation. I handled it and had the problem rectified within an hour. I since reached out to DR Horton and explained the situation as well as sending in pictures of the punctured pipe and nails coming through the wall. I asked for their cooperation in reimbursing some out of pocket expenses and to take into consideration the mold problem I had in 2007 due to same type of circumstance. I received this reply back...Thank you for submitting your recent warranty service work order. After reviewing your issue (including the pictures you sent) with my direct management, your request for reimbursement of funds for repairs on your home is denied. D.R. Horton has no obligation to reimburse You for work performed by You, or for amounts paid by You for repair or replacement of any item which has not been pre-approved in writing by D.R. Horton. I am sending this message to formally notify you that warranty service work order "Reimbursement for water leak," is closed. Please send me a short reply stating that you agree.

I sent them a reply back saying that I do not agree and very dissapointed.

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