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I purchased a new house built by D.R. Horton in Chapin South Carolina in a Horton neighborhood.

The houses in the neighborhood were give a price range from $ 220,000.00 to $ 350,000 which was the perfect range for what I was looking for. D.R. Horton owns several different builders that bond several different price range houses. My issues with the builder started the week before the closing.

During the home inspection we found 93 items what where built incorrectly, or poorly done. Major items like no vent stack on the kitchen sink, one of the toilets was plumbed into the hot water system, and the sod in the back yard has washed away. The rest of what we found was minor, the typical things like paint chips, and nail pops. I was promised that all the items would be fixed by the closing.

The day of the closing the only item that was fixed was the toilet, they had to issue a letter of comfort at the closing that they would fix the rest within one week of closing. In total it took we 2 years, and a call to my attorney with a letter to get my warranty issues resolved.

One thing that I did not look into when I first purchased the house was who controls the Home Owners Association. In the case of this neighborhood 51% pf the HOA was owned by the builder. The price range of houses was considered upper middle income for this area.

The major employer in the area had slowed down hiring about one year after we moved in. Sales in the neighborhood slowed down. D.R. Horton then started building lower valued houses in the neighborhood using two of their lover valued builders Regent Homes , and Express Home.

They lowered the pice point of the neighborhood from $220,000.00 to $160,000.00. They also started building houses on land that when we originally purchased was considered no build area. Nothing like having the value of your house drop by almost $ 40,000.00 overnight.

In general if you are looking at a new house I would highly recommend not looking at a D.R.

Horton Neighborhood. They are totally focused on profit, and provide poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Horton House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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