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This house wr bought have on going issues and the warranty department is refusing to fixs cracks paint spots on cabinets cement deteraing near garage one month in the house air condition haf to be replace flooring all messy was promise from Ken all this will be done furing pur lasts walk through and now they are sending men in to try to down talk you and bascially telling you they are not going to fixs anything. Pleade help we are at retiring age. This home builder need to be expose.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Horton House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’m reporting this review for poor spelling and incoherent rambling. Please,use English and explain the problem. I have been going over DRHorton reviews before using them and I haven’t seen any yet that are real problems except for possibly yours but I don’t speak “haf to be replace flooring all messy...” since it is a nonsensical mishmash of words.

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