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Breaking it down to simple terms, D R Horton will leave you angry, frustrated and upset that you did business with them. It is something that you must experience to truly understand so take it from a first-hand account...just run.

They use a plethora of subcontractors that may use subcontractors. If you have unresolved issues, and you likely will, you will want to break something before it is over, that is, if it every really ends. They have redefined stonewalling. Just run.

It is that simple. The supervisors up through their chain-of-command thrive on bonuses which are derived from cost savings. You get the picture. Just run.

Don't sign a contract with D R Horton. You work too hard for your money and this is a huge investment. Run. Fast.

Really. Your lawyers will have trouble defeating their lawyers and huge war chest.

Review about: Dr Horton House Construction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How does this gang remain in business?


You are hopelessly unclear about the nature of your problems.

Who are they ? What did they do/fail to do ? How much money have you lost ?

Stop mumbling and have a moment of clarity for us please.

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