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Terribly Built Home & Property

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Dr Horton - Terribly Built Home & Property
Dr Horton - Terribly Built Home & Property
Updated by user Jul 14, 2022

No response from builder. House foundation is now showing over 1 inch in movement causing window/door problems, and cracks throughout the home.

Original review Jun 13, 2022
I want to get this out there so people know before they buy. I now see hundreds of lawsuits online, but I did not know that when I bought my home. DR Horton is the worst builder. We signed for our house in 2020 and it was completed 4 months behind schedule. Even with the extra time they were given, we have been here 11 months and we have not had one day when our home has not needed repair or under construction. It has been one issue after another. DRH as Americas Home Builder is a disgrace to America. Our home is made with cheap materials and has uneven floors.The HVAC filter was blocked by a main beam when we moved in and then the HVAC drain-off leaked into our hallway ceiling during a freeze.The power goes in and out with various electrical issues.Flat paint in a color they no longer sell on all the walls. Paint completely rubs off if any marks are attempted to be gently wiped off.A retaining wall in our backyard with stone & concrete stairs has collapsed & been repaired 5 times now.The backyard has been full of deep divots, a large sinkhole, and floods terribly when it rains.The Whirlpool refrigerator we won in a Holiday drawing is still not working correctly.Concrete continues to come off our foundation and driveway.Moisture in the windowless bathrooms would shut off our power, so exhaust fans in bathrooms were replaced by less powerful ones that do not work, as condensation now drips off them.The shower leaked behind the drywall.The gas oven had to be replaced as it was leaking gas.Grout was cracking (it may already have leaked behind the wall) and crumbling off our bathroom shower & tub in both bathrooms.The flooring has had to be repaired many times due to holes in vinyl.The doorknobs keep coming loose and/or fall off.The cabinets and island counter were loose/falling off the wall.The garage has a large crack across the floor.We had large gaps under the thresholds of our outside doors. This is just to name some of the repairs that have been made or still need to be made on our home. It seems as if every time a contractor comes in for a repair, another issue or damage ends up being created.Contractors have left dirt handprints on our walls for over 6 months now that cannot be scrubbed off since it takes off the paintholes were left in the drywall of our walls for four months,there is *** in our island countertop from a contractorwe had *** in the siding on the back of the house from another contractorholes in our vinyl floor from other contractors,DRH Contractors have left beer bottles and scrap concrete in our yard. Between contractors just not showing up when scheduled, not finishing the repair, and/or creating another problem or more damage, we have been in a constant state of repair since we moved in. Between my husband and I, we have exhausted all our vacation and PTO days to be available to workers that will only come 8-5 Monday through Friday. We have been told that repairs cannot be completed because we do not make ourselves available after we started telling them that we cannot take any more time off and they need to come when we are off work. They have been here over 26 times and the house is still in disrepair. The latest issue we have been fighting with them over is to correct the drainage issue on our lawn, as we have a backyard full of standing water a few feet from the house after a rain. The warranty manager, JT Witcher, wrote to us and said they would install drains to fix our problem. But when the contractor, Earth Wind, and Fire, came, they dumped a bunch of dirt around our yard, left *** in the siding of our house where they cut it with a weed eater, and we were then told that they decided that this extra dirt would push the water out of the yard, so no drains were needed. We were not told this new decision and did not agree to this change. The day after they dumped the dirt, it rained for a very short amount of time, and 2 days later, after 95-degree heat, we still had standing water that still does not drain in our backyard again along with a lot of mud. They did not fix the problem at all. Now we have an AC unit that sits in water after a storm and extra dirt that covers our foundation up over the brick to make water come inside our home after a storm. A new sinkhole has been created and the replaced stairs that have cracked yet again. The last DRH communication stated this was up to owner maintenance. DRH and their contractors seem to try to drag out and put off any claims so that when their cheap repair eventually falls apart, it is after the warranty has expired and you must pay for it to be replaced yourself. I am not sure who the city inspectors were for this home, but they did a terrible job. Some of the neighbors have had major problems that they have ended up fixing themselves because dealing with DRH is such an endless battle that does not go anywhere. Buying your first home is supposed to be an exciting experience, especially a new one. This has been nothing but a huge disappointment, a stressful burden, and a complete nightmare. We do not ever want to own another home after this experience. Please do not buy a DR Horton home. Run as fast as you can. I pray I can save another new homeowner from making the same mistake I have made.
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  • Unethical
  • Horrible warranty service
  • Not willing to make things right

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User's recommendation: Do NOT buy a DR Horton home!! Run Away


This sounds absolutely horrific. I hate this for you! Maybe there are some class action law suits out there (maybe instigate one yourself) or go to your state attorney general and file a complaint.


Same for Beazer. We bought our house 4 years ago, from the 2nd owner.

The house was built in 2009 so it is no longer under warranty.

Shoddy workmanship with major roof repairs, porch beams replaced, sewage that backs up due to cracks in the sewer lines from our house to the road. @Beazer in #Charleston, SC $500k


Hello. Which state and community did this occur in?