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Let me start by saying this company is a complete joke.We purchased our home in 2001 with the intent to build a home while living in a moblie home.

When we purchased the home we signed the warranty that was agreed upon by both parties. It stated that we have one year of repairs that the company has to fix. That turned out to be a lie. After 6 months the company jumped ship no contact information left nothing.

At the same time i noticed that my home was falling apart in front of my eyes. Every pipe inside the home has had to be replaced within the first year of buying the home, the electrical wiring was bad, and my walls were falling apart. I did everything an I mean everything i could to get someone from the factory to come out and take a look to find out what the problem was. Needless to say no one ever showed up.

Well realizing that at one year the only way to fight was sue. I was then contacted by the company with u guessed it no help at all. Broken promisses of repairing the home. I then contacted the states inspector of moblie homes and he to made a request to the company that there were issues that they needed to repair.

No one helped so i contiued with the suit. I have removed black mold from my home 3 inches thick because they did not put my roof on correctly. We are still in the suite and they had the nerve to make a statement for me to calm it all on my insurance. Sorry it was not caused by anything other than poor quality of builders.

I will not rest entil this company rights there wrongs. I will also file a class action lawsuit against this company for knowing that they are doing this to there customers and turning a blind eye. As long as they get our money they do not care about there products. If i can help anyone out or if anyone would like to join my suit contact me.

I will not give up. I feel if you build a product and people pay with there hard earned money no matter the price u should stand behind it.

Do compainies not understand that if you keep overlooking the customers that have purchased form u that have a signed document with both parties agreement to comply with the purchase u just disregard them because you have gotten the money u no longer worry about it.I am pissed that we let this go on with out a fight.

Review about: Dr Horton Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Do not purchase a Horton homes. waste of your money. :( :cry


*** no :( :(


purchased our overpriced condo in Sacramento.What a piece of garbage--so many problems we could not list them all here.

The same property is now being sold for $200,000.00 about being bent over


Just curious, where have each of your DRH homes been built? I'd like to see if this is a corporate trend or if it's on an area by area basis. Customer service in one part of the country may be better than another...

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #168474

could it be that Mary is the MOTHER of D.R. Horton????? lol Thanks MOM!!!


I second Jeff.We experienced the same situation as Joellynn.

Unskilled subcontractors, unskilled builder and no quality control. A warranty that isn't as good as the paper it's printed on.

This company is ***.I hope they go under.


To mary, on 02-05-2010 16:36;

Listen you old bag... :( ...why not go die in your house. Trust won't be missed.

Quit ragging on someone for their concerns. Maybe you blew someone to get better construction but not all are like you. BTW...I just love how you try to correct spelling and then go and make a mistake yourself. What a tard.... :x

Neunkirchen, Saarland, Germany #147674

Joellynn never said, "DR Horton is building a mobile home for us." learn reading comprehension yourself!! and what the *** does corrective spelling have anything to do with what she's talking about. Get a hobby, Mary.


All our problems were due to the structure of the homes starting at the roof, and going down the frame.It all goes back to the inspectors that work for this company.

I wish u luck on your purchase. Do not be suprised if they do not send someone with experice to repair anything they hire anyone. An as the Horton lawyers and represintives said to me in a hearing to see if our case can go to court they have already made there money they do not consern themselve with any issues after the home is sold, it is know as consumer uptake on a home. The one thing you need to check is your roof make sure they put it together correctly, check the nails on the shingles.

Everyone if you have to that is were our black mold problems started. Never back down from any problems you are having. Every state has an inspector general that will stand behind you.If you are taking any legal action everytime someone from horton or and inspector comes to your home you must refile your lawsuit. Something we found out to late.

We were not so lucky to purchase a home and withing a year we started repairs. It has sucked every dime we saved and make to repair this house. It has cost us more to repair this house than the purchase price and we have only started. Every inch of this house had to be replace every inch.

Again I wish you the best I hope you never have to suffer the way we have.If I can help with anything feel free to contact me.


Has anybody had any issues with their mirrors in the bathrooms falling?They don't have any brackets holding them up.

Our master bathroom mirror just fell and could have been worse than it was.Luckily my kids and I got out without injury.

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