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We are the homeowners of the DR Horton house that was built in 2007. Over the past year, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of dust particles inside the house. Walking in the house the air is visually smoggy. A layer of dust is on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. Dust is in all rooms, closets, cabinets, clothes, cans, plates, utensils, furniture, and light fixtures, basically all over the house.

In June 2012 Mr. Richard Bolton, DR Horton Customer Representative, sent Energy Inspectors to fix airflow through the exterior and ceiling electrical outlets. He then sent Chas Roberts Air Conditioning Company to check attic coils and replace the air vent.

Mr. Rick McDowell, DR Horton Vice President, came with Mr. Richard Bolton to inspect the house in July 2012 and saw the extent of the dust.

In August 2012, DR Horton sent an Environmental Consulting firm to measure the dust quality and quantity. The findings indicated that there was a lot of dust and that most of it was due to skin cells.

In November 2012, a company called Ductz was summoned to clean out the crawl space in the attic, clean the HVAC ductwork and deodorize the AC unit. Following this we were instructed to clean the ceilings, walls and everything else off the dust, which we did.

Unfortunately the problem persists. Although there was a reduction in the amount of the dust, it remains a problem. There is still fog in the house from the dust. There are still layers of dust on all surfaces, including behind closed doors and drawers. I continue to vacuum, dust and wash everything in the house daily, and yet daily the dust continues to accumulate.

I called Mr. Bolton (480-365-1010) on December 6, 2012 and was told that as far as he is concerned, “We know there is something wrong, there is definitely dust there, but it is no longer our problem, we are done.” Mr. Bolton directed a call to Debby in Customer Service (480-368-2300) and she said, “We already addressed this with the management and legal, and nothing is on us, we are done.” Debby said that Mr. Rick McDowell is the one who made the final decision, and although I could call him, it is unlikely that he would call me back.

Mr. Rick McDowell called back and decided to send Environmental Consulting firm again to measure dust quality and quantity. Their result as was to be expected from a company that is hired by DR Horton was the same.

DR Horton refuses to do anything about the defective house and the dust that continues to be overwhelming in the house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Horton House Construction.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #1328424

We backed out on a DR Horton purchase due to a faulty garage floor. I had to picket their office in Kirkland WA just to regain half of our earnest money. We put down 10k and only recovered 5k.

Seattle, Washington, United States #757271

With all the dust from skin cells, have you checked in the walls for dead bodies?

Portland, Oregon, United States #691474

This "complaint" looks a lot more like praiseb of DR Horton to me. Your story highlights a builder dedicating a lot of time and money to a cleanliness issue that has nothing to do with them.

Plano, Texas, United States #620059

I cannot believe you are upset about dust. How would a home builder prevent dust? It's called clean more often.

to wth? New York, New York, United States #625052

Newer construction is supposed to fairly airtight. So airtight are some houses that it becomes unhealthy.

If your unit has a lot of dust, it probably means there is a lot air filtration going on throughout the unit. So you should be PISSED!

to wth? Seattle, Washington, United States #691481

Some folks is meant to be renters forever. They need they mama clean they skincell dust up and they chewed off finger nails from da floor too.Time to grow up an clean yo house and quit crying.

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