DR Horton dug a large hole in our back yard, over 2 MONTHS ago, while building a House just to the NORTH of ours. At that time they also broke the in ground For 2 months now we have tried to get them to fill in the HOLE.

Excuse after excuse, lie after lie. Finally today after calling their Corporate Head Quarters in Dallas. We got a crew out immediately to fix the fence, sprinkler and hole in the yard. Within ONE HOUR.

Save yourself the head ache, write one letter give them a good faith to fix the issue after that contact the corporate HQ and threaten legal action. Seems to wake them up, also helps if you join your HOA and get a list of all of the folks that are just as UPSET and include that list.

Yes I do have photo's of this issue from when the broke it to when they fixed it today. That helped as well they knew they would loose more than the labor to fill it in and fix it if we did get to court.

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