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I live in a compex DR Horton built in Albuquerque NM and are only 6-8 years old. As with every pre inspection before signing and moving in, everything was wonderful.As with alot of these I have read, everything starts falling apart just after the warranty runs out.

The subcontractors DR Horton used for the window installation, I do wonder if they knew what they wer doing to begin with.

the windows dont close properly (all the way down), so you can lock them,some safety feature huh? It also leaves cracks at the bottom of the window so that you have to tape them up to keep the heat in and the cold out

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I see on the computor this window problem seems to be rampid OH no ;we just purchased a home and I see the nightmare coming already, we are retired and saved for the new home hoping not to have any more problems looks like we may of made a big mistake; we wish everyone luck in the corection of this problem, wish you all well

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