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I purchased a brand new condo in September of 2004 from DR Horton/Trimark. I am one of 172 units in 29 buildings in SE Aurora.

Initially, I was able to have my home warranty issues dealt with. Then the revolving door started and there was someone new to deal with every other week. At about month nine they stopped caring. They stopped fixing things and even ended up leaving me linoleum for my bathroom and was told to fix it myself.

Then we noticed issues with the cracking in the pool deck. They repoured the pool deck and it cracked the next day! We asked for a concrete sample, they did not think it necessary. We hire a lawyer after getting nowhere.

We filed a notice of claims, waiting a year for response and then ended up filing suit. The amounts of problems here are immense. Decks leak into homes and garages and ruin the interior and exteriors. I have gaps in the firewall, no insulation in several areas, mold everywhere.

We have deck system failures, roof system failures, the retaining walls aren't retaining anything and are failing. There is something wrong in virtually every trade of work that was done here. Masonry, Concrete, Framing, Flooring, Tiling. Concrete on decks and sidewalks is literally turning to sand.

There are issues with the post tensioning cable. It goes on and on. We were in mediation with the builder and had an agreed upon scope of work. Then they pulled the plug, fired their experts and hired new ones that said there is nothing wrong.

All the rotting wood and crumbling concrete and leaks are just our imagination. We are now in arbitration with the builder, FORCED into it by decs the BUILDER wrote. If I had known in 2004 how very poor quality DR Horton builds, I would have run away screaming. We are facing MILLIONS in repairs.

They have offered about 5% of what we need which would explain why everything is so crappy. They are the Walmart of builders. At this trial I have learned how they forced their subs to do things incorrectly, would not listen to concerns about leaks and improper installation of things and bullied them into doing what they want. They pick smaller companies who cannot afford to lose their one big clients.

The extensive list of investigated defects is tremendous here and for some reason, rather then taking care of these 172 homeowners they decided they were done taking any responsibility for anything and have hung us out to dry. If we are not awarded the money needed for repairs (Estimated about $12 million minimum) then this place will just disintegrate. I can't sell and I couldn't rent something that is falling apart.

Before you buy a DR Horton home, come take a close look at Prairie Ridge at Saddle Rock in SE Aurora. We are one of MANY MNAY associations who have sued them over construction defects.

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I bought my DRH in Henderson Nevada. Within 14 months the western framing had failed enough to make the back of the home look like a trapezoid.

The house was leaning North by up to 1-1/2 inches. Doors and windows wouldn't lock.

DRH called the structural failures "cosmetic," until the building and contractors' boards ordered them to repair. I still have major problems.

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