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I purchased a brand new home in October 2010. As soon as the weather changed, the windows had and still have an unusually large amount of condesation. Mr. Kropp with DR Horton came to my home in December and said that due to the paint being new, that would cause some condensation and that it would get better over time. After he looked at how severe it was he did make the comment that is was a little more than normal and that they would monitor it.

It is now February 10, 2011 and the problem has only stayed the same or gotten worse in some rooms. Window seals are now molding. My bathroom wooden seal is startin to show separation because of the condensation being so great that it puddles in the left side of the window about 3 inches wide.

I placed another customer warranty complaint and Mr. Kropp decided to rescend on fixing my porch rails, my broken bathroom tile and only stated that these things along with the window condensation problem is not covered under warranty. This informtion was given to me by a customer service rep name Gayle since he could not call me himself with this change of information. I did ask for him to call me about this since she had nothing to do with it. I believe she told him and I am still waiting to hear from him.

The manufacturer of the windows is General Aluminum. R U HAVING THIS PROBLEM? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I have pictures that I can email to anyon wanting to see the problem......HELP!! DR Horton won't!

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I too ma fighting D.R.Horton on the many many problems with my new home. I too had them try and pull that warranty *** with me..These homes have a 10yr structural warranty and they need to hold up to their end of the warranty...I had to publicly slam them on Facebook today and now I have two D.R.Horton people coing to see my crappy home..My windows did the same thing and my showerstall is also pulling away from the wall at least three inches..Next step KSAT12 Defenders and every other TV station I can find to look at my home and my video..

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