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My daughter and son in law own a DR Horton home is Eastvale, Ca and when they call the builder they are quick to respond. Granted they are still in the building phase.

I have a DR Horton home in Woodbridge, VA and we are in the phase where DR Horton is pulling out and about to turn over the homes and the community to the homeowners to manage through their homeowner-held HOA. Right now we have a management company that gets paid by DR Horton. Yes our HOA dues pays their salary but we are not in control and they are running our community into the ground!

Before forewarned that with any builder, know what your HOA docs say. Ask the homeowners who have beenthere the longest. Ask if they have monthly HOA meeting and if as a prosepctive buyer, you can sit in and get to know some of your neighbors. They are the best source of information and also misinformation.

You can ususally tell by the way a neighborhood looks if they management comapny is doing a good job or not plus it really does depend on which phase the bulder is in.

Once we get DR Horton out of the picture we can start to rebuild our community and get it to where we want it to be.

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