dr horton is the worst usa homes builder i move to my house 4 years ago and they never come back to fix the mistakes they made when they build my home very *** mistakes like they install the door knobs wrong way they conect the hot water to the toilet they run out tiles and they use different color *** like that the paint is like toilet water and i call them they dont return the calls they a bunch of *** and after all this bull *** they send you a letter asking how they are doing and you send back they said they dont get it way im so pissed i never recomend nobudy to buy dr horton homes

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To SALLY, on 09-12-2008 05:45

Shut ur BIG FAT MOUTH you useless old HAG! If you had any intelligence whatsoever (which I am not accusing you of....trust me) you would know that a home inspection couldn't catch most of the things that people are complaining about with D.R. Horton homes.

Worthless sac of air stealing uselesness. :(


i would not buy a dr horton home. i met with an *** of a "builder" so called.

named Clatyon Spencer what a ***. if they have "builder" on the job like this they will never get my business.


Surf the web and enter 'd r horton' and 'construction defects' You will find hundreds of similar stories. The biggest problem is that the defects and/or repairs eithjer arent found or dragged past the "one year warranty" which is actually just lip service.


We builded our house in 2004 and we have not complains about the constructions. Just litle things like is normal and we called them and they fixed. We love our house.


I agree. You have to do a final walk through. Why would you close on a home that had all of these issues.

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #48267

That's what a home inspection is for. You and a inspector check out the house before closing.

So you buy a house without doing a final walkthrough? You are an ***. Also, it's usually a 1yr warranty for minor repairs.

I hope they never fix it. Man some people complain about companies, and it's the poster that the company needs to complain about.

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