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I am the original owner of a DR Horton house and have lived in it 8 years.

Earlier this year, my hardwood flooring started to buckle as result of moisture coming into the house. Since I had lived here 8 years; DR Horton took no responsibility for the damage.

I contacted a contractor--my back door was installed incorrectly by DR Horton and as result, water was coming in from behind the siding because DR Horton did not properly install the correct flashing. Given I live in Washington State, this is a critical issue.

Needless to say, it cost me nearly $4000 to have it completely repaired and another $6000 (luckily my homeowners policy covered the floor) to replace my hardwood flooring.

Additionally, I recently discovered a leak in my roof--which when inspected by a roofer with over 25 years experience, told me that the area where is was leaking was result of taking an shortcut that did NOT meet code. He indicated that most inspectors will NOT climb onto the roof to validate that the construction is correct--another example of DR Horton's obvious strategy to cut corners whenever they can.

I have heard that large builders 'incent' code inspectors to 'look the other way'; I now believe it.

I would NEVER buy a DR Horton home; I wouldn't trust them to build it corectly.

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