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I have owned my DR Horton townhouse for 2 1/2 yrs. First we moved in and found out the homes were built nothing like the models and that the insulation between the units was a joke.

We can hear every conversation our neighbors have and even when they close their kitchen cabinet doors (not slam just close). They have used the cheapest appliances and building materials available. The first month the hot water heater blew and flooded our downstairs, and they had to replace it. This year we have had to replace the cooling coil and redo all the outside parts of our air conditioning unit which was supposedly installed new but sure didn't look new when the AC company replaced it for me at the tune of $700.

Then this morning I had to replace the garage door opener because it quit working. The company that replaced it said it was the cheapest thing you can buy from China and probably didn't even cost them $50 and that they had slapped another label on it. They have had to seal cracks in the stucco and replace my front stoop already due to shoddy work, and they left my back yard as a drainage ditch and told me if I wanted a usable back yard I would have to put the money into making it level enough to use they did what was required by them.

I bought a new home because I did not want to have to do a lot of work to it and that is NOT what I got! Please save yourself the headache and wallet ache do NOT buy DR Horton.

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