We went to closing 27 January 2012. Prior to that we had three walk-thru's with numerous problems identified.

We should have never went to closing, as many of the issues still have not been taken care of. The site manager (Todd) never seemed to get anything accomplished. I went to his boss (Chris), and he isn't much better. These people don't seem to know how to follow-up or communicate effectively.

We have had paint issues, wavy walls, microwave making noise, water standing in the yard around the house, lines in the ceiling where the sheetrock was taped, and electrical issues. When you turn on the TV, the lights blink and dim. When the airconditioning unit comes on, the lights blink and dim. We had extra cabinets installed, and when the saw is engaged outside, the lights blink and dim.

If the washer and dryer comes on, the lights blink and dim. And for no reason at all, the lights blink and dim. DR Horton sent out their electrician, and after checking a number of troubleshooting things, he says he's stumped. If you plug in a vaccum cleaner, it will trip the breaker.

Chris did have painters come back out, but they did another poor job. Chris had others come out, but we still have the same issues. Chris has not bothered to follow-up with us to see if things have improved or if we are still dissatisfied. The plumber came out about the water standing issue.

He said there was not a plumbing issue, but the problem was the yard was not graded properly. He notified DR Horton, but the problem still exists.

I belong to several social organizations in Myrtle Beach, to include the local Masonic Lodge. I tell everyone I come in contact with, DO NOT buy a DR Horton home.

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I have had similar issues with my DR Horton 'house'. I was assured by the job super(they call a "builder" who used to be an electrician) that their list of loose ends would be taken care of by Closing.

I found out their M.O. is to blow off their deficiencies until time runs out leaving no other options but to Close. Never again. I bought in Oct '12, ran out of time and closed in June '13, ...still have no sod, standing water due to no drainage, and a completely unusable side yard.

I also realized at Closing the survey showed the adjacent neighbor's fenced-in side yard now enjoys 2' of my property! Horton says most ALL the properties in this subdivision have similar set-ups. BS!

Many other smaller issues left undone. DON'T BUY !!

Binghamton, New York, United States #641450

I'm so glad I saw your comments. We want to relocate and something like this would be my worst nightmare.

I'll definitely avoid DR Horton. Thank you!!!


You will not choose a home after consulting with homeowners on construction deficiencies!

RUN as FAST as you can!


I agree with your comment. I also bought a DR Horton Home in the same neighborhood.

Todd is ignorant and doesn't understand the construction process.

My home has numerous issues and all have been very serious. Very little satisfaction getting anything accomplished.

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