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Warning! Before or during construction DR Horton will form a Home Owners Association and appoint their own Board of Directors and Registered Agent.

These appointees don't live in the community or even in your city. As a property owner you will be expected to pay the dues they specify without any input whatsoever. If you refuse to pay the HOA will put a lien on your property. They don't turn the HOA over to the residents until months after total completion of the community and by then they will have milked you dry.

It's just another way for DR Horton to suck money out of their customers. Do NOT fall into their trap! If you buy from these scammers after researching them, you will deserve what you get!

If you are already being scammed -- get an attorney! That's what we're doing.

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Good Luck with that.

Save your Money and help the homeless....


All that have purchased a home from DR Horton:

Know that I am pursuing a class action in TEXAS. I have substantiate proof of “builder defects” that have resulted in loss of value as well as out of pocket damages.

If you have had:

1. Drywall Issues

2. Window Square Issues

3. Roof Issues


Plumbing Issues 5. Foundation Issues 6. Sub-Contractor Issues (E-Verify requests) 7. Flooring issues (laminate instead of hardwood or just failure) 8.

Tile flooring 9. Any and all issues in Texas that are within the 6 year statute (May 2011 through Today) I have secured a prominent legal firm to pursue and I am willing to be lead plaintiff. Please join me at DRHORTONCA@CASKA.US. But ABC News found an industry also inundated with complaints, so much so that D.


Horton told investors in its latest Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it has set aside some $400 million in each of the last two years to deal with hundreds of construction defect claims in its brand new homes. The company said in filings that this was the "ordinary course of business."

to Pluck Caska #1374708

Every big builder deals with the same thing it's no secret it's part of the industry. There prouduction homes built so you can move in quick what did you expect.

This has been around for the last 30 years.

How many people sue when they get in a minor car accident same principle. None of you would have homes if the big builders didn't build them.

to Get a life #1377201

You must work for DR. Horton.

to Pluck Caska #1550778

Our neighborhood has started litigation. We have the same issues and more.

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