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Update by user Apr 12, 2011

I forgot to mention that Kirk Hughes himself as well as the division president who both said no to re-pouring the driveway never even came to look at it themselves.

Update by user Apr 11, 2011

I was too quick on saying I wish I could post pictures, lol. Obviously I found I was able to.

Original review posted by user Apr 11, 2011

In May of 2010 DR Horton poured the driveway to my brand new house. Whomever they contracted to pour it, covered the cap to my sewer clean out and instead of fixing it, scooped it out. After contacting DR Horton about this, they came and re-poured that piece of driveway, making the driveway flush to the clean out.

A couple of months after closing, a crack appeared that went nearly the entire length of the driveway and went the entire depth of the concrete. I submitted this as a problem, so DR Horton came back out, ripped up that piece of the driveway and re-poured it. This time the concrete did not match the rest of the driveway. I contacted DR Horton and they told me to wait for it to bleach out and that it would eventually match the rest.

Well, here we are now 9-10 months later and that piece of concrete is lighter than the rest of my driveway and a total eye sore. I contacted DR Horton about this issue and Kirk Hughes the man in charge of Customer Satisfaction and Warranty Services (based out of their Jacksonville, FL office) was kind enough to let me know that this was no longer DR Horton's problem after first lying to myself and my father about the conversations he had had with our local building representative.

It seems now that they have my money they no longer care. This is an unfortunately situation. I made a $150,000+ investment into a home where the driveway does not match and is an eye sore. As a person with OCD, this is very distracting and DR Horton doesn't care. I do not have in my budget enough money to fix my driveway anytime in the near future.

I am very displeased and this is only my first stop on blogging and social networking sites to discuss this.

I do not suggest anyone buy from DR Horton.

I wish I was able to post pictures of the driveway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Horton Customer Care.

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Cumming, Georgia, United States #924245

Looking at a DR Horton house myself, and have to say, many of the complaints I've read are self-incriminating. Most driveways, even those tooled properly w/expansion joints will develop small cracks (soil heaves and retreats with changes in weather -- concrete does not, thus, they have tooled joints).

The DR Horton developments I've seen have *more* tooling and expansion joints than most other developments. I've also seen rip-rap (cracked rock underlayment for driveways) put down at all new pourings (this will be my 6th home purchase -- not new to this dance). Finally, the fact that they re-poured the driveway a couple of times is quite remarkable. Most would redo that once, and call it a day.

Driveway re-pours are not cheap, and never match the original. Clean-outs are often located in the driveway, and if they're near a corner (as the OP's is) the pour in that corner is a bit more fragile, and susceptible to cracks. Often just the luck of the draw.

Quick and dirty advice for anyone buying a new home (from any builder): 1- be there during the process, and point out (in writing) any flaws you spot so there can be no doubt about the issue.

For those that don't trust their own inspection skills, hire an inspector to inspect at multiple stages: after foundation pour, after infrastructure assembly, after it's plumbed and wired in (just before dry-walling), and after the sheet rock is installed. You should have the completed work inspected (for window install/alignment, appliances, cabinets, fixtures, hvac, water heater, driveway, grading, painting, etc.).

Good luck to all...

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #903378

you CAN post pics. perhaps focusing on correctly may help you, but OCD is common to many of us with maybe lesser degrees of severity than others. I empathize with you situation but a LAWYER can help you with contractual disputes and I'm sure its cheaper than re-doing the concrete work again.


I was considering buying a new home on Venitian Bay out of New Smyrna The builder is Thom Keeney who seemed very professional but looking at the above should I just walk away?

to just buying #808415

If you do, bring a real estate agent with you. They lose interest in keeping your business once they've got it. Get an agent that will be on your side and stay on top of what they do along the construction phases.



There were no joints. They poured it onto dirt.


Two things about concrete, 1. it will be grey no saying what shade of grey.

2. it will crack, the idea is to place enough control joints so that it will crack where you want it to.



I'm so sorry to hear that! You should contact a real estate attorney to get everything taken care of. DR Horton is full of crooks!


i tried to by a dr horton home they have my deposit and we took pics infront of sold sign,did the walkthrough 3times and signed it.the day before i was to finish the contract they sold it to someone else at some time,so to deposits on same home...they refuse to give me a call back and i gave them evrything needed,they told me i had bond,sellers cost and rule development and everything was good i should be moved in on june 15th 2011.that never happend still waiting for an answer and my money back.not to mention the huge amount i have in casher check in there name!!! talk about fill your pain.also,every time they tried to put the concrete back in corner of house it kept falling out and i was told it would be bleached out to normal as well when they fixed the driveway that for being brand new shure had a lot of holes in it..

to announamous #1370805

Don't buy from DR Horton!!



They pour concrete on top of mud. There is no support for it and they use a low psi.

These driveways should not be cracking after 3 months, 6 months, or a year. They used cheap materials and labor.


Concrete will crack no matter how you pour it and of course a new batch will not match no matter what!

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