In having to deal with D.R. Horton in the recent years, the Bay Area personel are in my opinion a bunch of ***. They love to walk over people and run a business practice that is so badly Managed especially the purchasing department & who doesn't know how to right a Contract which had to be provided and then they were behind on the production schedule so they made us out to be the bad guys...

The production Manager Scott Johnson is another story...he almost got his *** kicked during a project walk due to his big mouth.

All in all go with another builder unless you like dealing with ***.

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They just sent me a real sarcastic marketing post card that read, "Thank you! I love getting your monthly rent check! Keep 'em coming! Your landlord".

This message rubbed me the wrong way. I know the value and advantages of home ownership. I don't need a smart @ss from D.R. Horton to rub it in because I'm a renter.

I guess I'm going to get a card next year on Mother's Day that says, "HaHa, Your mom's dead and mine is doing great!"

That is a poorly thought out marketing strategy.


Had the same problems in Las Vegas. My house started to lean one inch to the North but Horton called the cracked sheetrock, nail pops, and trapezoidal windows/doors "cosmetic" defects.

Good thing I'm a lawyer and like dealing with ****. Do yourselves favors and don't buy a D R Horton.

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