We just bought a house fr dr horton and our closing date will br next month then i check their prices now online its way cheaper now so i called my realtor what is goin on and he calle dme the next day the only red tag sale are the other houses not us so i checked the prices online i can't believe it they are liers!!!!!they changed the prices.i would never recommend them.they dnt care about you they all they care is their $$$$$.I cant believed they have the nerve to change the price list.

Review about: Dr Horton Realtor.

Monetary Loss: $277.

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what about appliances any reports of stolen ac units stoves dishwasher etc.. stolen after last walk thru or after move in


Want to know the truth about these crooks? visit www.drhortonsucks.info and join with others across the country to bring these people and those who help perpitrate their crimes, to justice.

They are the mafia of the building industry and Donny R. Horton is the "Boss."


We bought a new home in South Carolina 7 yrs. ago and couldn't be happier with our home.

In 7 years we've never had any kind of problem with our home. When we first moved in there was a scratch on a kitchen cabinet door and on a bath vanity door. We pointed this out on our 30 day walk-through and they replaced both doors the following week.

I wonder if the people complaining and bad-mouthing D.R.Horton shouldn't be directing their wrath at the sub-contractors that Horton hires, although Horton is ultimately responsible.

Guess we got lucky here in South Carolina because we love our well-built Horton home as do our neighbors. No one here had any big issues with our homes.


*** Toll Brothers Inc., does the same thing. Except they will take a home that they had listed on their website as being almost 4800 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths as 4100 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths just to justify the low price that the home was sold for. I have too many problems with my home, not to mention that they failed to install a wheel stop in my garage.


well built home.. you my friend have no idea what a well built home is.

D.R Horton is the worst built home and workmanship i have ever seen. Just look around, do a little research, watch the jobsites, observe the materials they are using and then and only then if you have any kind of common sense you will realize that they are pathetic.


Hmmmm looks like we have a D.R. Horton salesperson here.

Porterdale, Georgia, United States #180519

Oh please - you really think they did that to ***?? It simply means they are reacting to a very difficult market.

Like you've never bought something at Wal-Mart only to have it go on sale the next week? I'm a happy DR Horton homeowner, and I've seen prices go up, down, all over the place around me. It's called ECONOMICS - look it up. Doesn't mean they are "liers" - which you may want to look up also.

Or perhaps the entire body of your message since you clearly have no idea how to spell.

Consider yourself lucky you have a well-built home, and not some other piece of *** from another builder or foreclosure.

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