If any of this *** happens that all these complaints are about happens to me when I go to get the puchlist items repaired, we will be in court within hours, not only DR Horton but everyone who was involved in the sale including sales people and supervisors for the misrepresentation of the home. If there are others who wish to participate, let me know.

We can make it a class action. Hard to believe that this large a company would have people who take no pride in what they do or they do not hire people who take pride in their work.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #859183

Anyone in Phoenix having these issues? I'm interested in a class action. I've got water pouring in through my exterior wall beacuse they installed the storm drain incorrectly.

Tukwila, Washington, United States #834468

issues in Tacoma with them. it's always somebody else's problems but D.R. Hortons.

Seattle, Washington, United States #757248

With all these complaints, I wonder how bad the problem is overall. They built over 40,000 homes last year. What percentage of that are people having issues with?

Riverview, Florida, United States #687628

Contact me I am having the same issues just purchased June 28th none of my items have been taken care of as of yet. Eddiebjaya@aol.com

to Jj #745118

Yet YOU closed on the house? Folks reading this need to take heed.

Do NOT close on any house with an open punch list.

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