I bought a 5 year old Horton home. WHAT a mistake.

Very poor quality. Many hidden mistakes. In 5 years the house is in need of roof and siding repairs. Wiring issues, plumbing issues and more.

Makes me sick to see what they get away with. Government should step in amd make home builders acountable. The subcontractors took every short cut they could and no one makes sure they do it right. So many things I have to fix or redue just so I can sell it one day and not feel bad for some buyer.

They need better standards.

I will NEVER buy another home built by D.R. Horton.

Review about: Dr Horton House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Wow your so smart. I almost bought a Cheese burger from Jack n the box the other day and i saw a complaint that some one died a while back.. good thing i decided to eat from a mom and pop store that charged me 3 times the amount and served me the same quality of meat..........


We almost purchased a DR Horton home. Thankfully we canceled our contract before it was too late.

We are VERY unhappy with the service we received and how we were handled. I'm beyond relieved we do not own a DR Horton home.

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