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If anyone is considering purchasing a DR Horton home, please RECONSIDER! They gave us a guarentee in writing that our heating and air would be less than $68 per month since the house is "energy efficient", yet we have over $300 PG&E bills in a one story house with no pool for the past four years.

Not to mention every door in the house has fallen off the hinges, the shutters on the outside of the house are falling off as well. Our house is only 4 years old. I've called many times to try to get them to fix these things, to no avail. Now, being in a class action lawsuit against them, they have finally tried to work with us, only to find out that we had an entire room of the house not insulated!

How energy efficient is that?? They showed us the insulation they were putting in the house while being built and "how much better it is than any other builder" I gave them copies of my PG&E bills in hopes of recovering some of this money we should never have had to pay. They were only willing to give us $400 for the past four years. They would rather keep us in the lawsuit.

While trying to contact someone in our area, the phone numbers are disconnected as well. They are a very shady builder.

Please be ware of their "promises". While looking at other websites, I am not alone in my disappointment with this builder.

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I'm in contact for a new build in Elk Grove. I am having the home inspected by a private , third party firm.

I hope I don't encounter the issues many people have had with them. I know they're nationwide and build thousands of homes.

I'm sorry you're having problems. I hope they get resolved soon and you can enjoy your home instead of kicking yourself or having to fight for what's right


We are your neighbors also in Lincoln... I have the same exact complaint! We were promised $89/ mo energy bills, and we have been between 300-400 almost every month. I had PG&E send us an Energy Report and we use 24% more than other homes in our area with similar square footage. How is that even possible when we were sold this home with the promise of having an energy efficient home. Quoted directly from the Environments for Living Handbook given to us as validation that our home was going to be energy efficient: "This program requires your builder to meet specific building standards, resulting in homes that are healthier, safer and more energy efficient, comfortable and durable than conventionally built homes." Hah!

And to previous comment: I get that people use more/less energy depending on comfort/ need, but to have a difference as great as this is absolutely unacceptable.

I am very interested in the class action lawsuit you are involved in. I would happily join you.



I bought a DR Horton home and thought it was a deal. It was a forclosed home with many cosmetic upgrades.

I had it inspecticed and it passed the inspection with flying colors. Now, a few years later, what was a new home with new ac units, is a home that has such poorly istalled units, vents and vent systems that both ac units have stopped working. Several companies have adviced me to get vents and air returns either added or redone. The list goes on.

I have owned four houses in my life. This is the worst.


I was at one of their new properties today looking at the models. They promised us free internet and cable for the life of our ownership...but I had a red flag go up.

We are in south florida and they do not provide hurricane impact windows! Crazy right! That's considered an "upgrade" for an extra $3500 for 4 windows. Not only does it help save your home in case of a hurricane it also helps keep criminals from breaking in and acts as an insulation to help keep the AC in and lower your electric bills.

For something BRAND NEW I would expect energy efficient...maybe "go green"..nope, nada. We tried to ask a few of the construction workers about the property and no one spoke english.

Thanks for letting us know before we got stuck. :)


I was looking at buying one, I will reconsider. Fyi for the other Guy Every house is built by illegals LOL ..


It's been 4 years since my DR Horton nightmare. What are you fools thinking building with these people.

She should know better by looking at all the online commentary by now.

These stories are a drop in the bucket compared to what most people deal with. This is what happens when illegal aliens build homes.


Thanks for your review. I sincerely mean that.

My family has been considering them as a builder for our next home.

They told us these same things too, to expect lower utility costs. I am very appauled at the integrity of this homebuilder.


How can you expect a builder to provide you with an estimate of what your power bill is going to be. If you keep your air on 80 degrees and I keep mine on 70 there's going to be a difference.

You should have though this one out yourself!

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