We bought a DR Horton spec home in Odenville, AL in the Fall of 2007. The home was about 6 months old and had never been lived in.

Shortly after moving in we found that the front door was leaking water when it rained allowing water into our foyer. We contacted Horton and after several phone calls and several months they came out to 'adjust' the door. In the meantime, water was also leaking in on top of the door causing mold. When the sun would shine (on the front of the house, all day every day baking the door, sidelights and window above the door) the door would swell and be impossible to open.

It was like this for months and months. DR Horton came out several (meaning 4-5 more times) to 'adjust' the door, to no avail!!! Finally, while trying to adjust the door one day, they cracked the sidelight by using a drill on the door casing using too much pressure. They used tape to hold the glass together.

We had it like this for months until we finally got them back out with a new sidelight. Much to our frustration, the the new sidelight didn't match the one on the other side of the door, so we had to wait months longer. John Chesser, DR Horton's rep we were dealing with, told us after months of no word of the new sidelight that he thought it had all been handled already. By this time it is 2010!!!!!

NOW, amidst all this trouble, the wood of the sidelights have rotted because, according to the door rep that was replacing the sidelights, Horton never primed them before painting them. You see, our house faces the the hot Alabama sun all day and the house has no awning or covering at the front door. Because of all the trouble, we demanded and had to fight, but got Horton to agree to replace the entire door unit including the big window above the door, the sidelights and the door itself. The installed it in the late summer of 2011.

After installing it, we saw that the trim inside the big window above the door was not the same color as the trim (or support inside the windows) in the other windows in the house. Therefore, we needed a new window. The sidelights were not painted that day, but a couple of days later. They were not primed so as of now, April, 2012, we had dry-rotted sidelights because they were not primed before being painted and the window above the door is still not replaced.

As a matter of fact, we have a huge piece of plywood where the window should be. You see, they came to replace the window and the new one did not fit!!!!!!!

We have been battling DR Horton for almost FIVE years and we are tired of it. They will be hearing from my attorney!!!!!

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