I bought a Lake house in Orchid Grove Pompano. As of today is taking 20 days longer than agreed.

They offered close on 10/26/2011 and today, 10 days before deadline I was adviced that we might receive the keys on 11/15/2011. They blame it on FPL and they mentioned an emergency in Daytona. Needless to say, buyers can't care less about other DR Horton projects. I hardly believe that FPL does not have the ability to attend whatever issue Orchid Grove in Pompano has.

I just wanted to share my dissapointment.

Be advice before signing a contract with DR.Horton that they might came up with surprises. If they have a "customer review" section on their website, I bet they will not receive many good ones.

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DRH wont allow a third party inspector to look because then the many inevitable defects will be discovered. After you close you will prepare a punch list of warrantable items which will be ignored.

DRH will claim that your defects are cosmetic, regardless of whether they are structural, and then you are on your own to repair.

Just see the other posts at this site. Its also what happened to me and dozens of neighbors in Vegas.


Hopefully I'm not too late in telling you to have your new home inspected by someone of your choice. Of course you will have to pay to have it done but you may end up saving thousands of dollars by doing so.

Do this BEFORE you close. What looks like a disappointment in not being able to close on time may end up being a saving grace for you!

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