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I would simply say "run away". I would have never bought from DR Horton had I looked at the reviews prior to buying.

So far all reviews have been dead on. The work is terrible. I have had warranty repair on almost all areas. The construction sight is a mess all the time.

Garbage everywhere. I have check other builders work sites and they are clean and neat. I have had a dumpster sitting across the street from me that has not been emptied in 8 days. The wind has blown garbage everywhere.

I am now having to have the come in and clean the tiles properly. They left grout haze all over the place.

Review about: Dr Horton House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Parrish, Florida, United States #1341250

I posted warnings on Craigslist numerous times about DR Horton homes when building began here. Hopefully others saw those and benefited from them by total avoidance of this outfit.

to Anonymous #1424733

I’m am so sorry that I did not see your warnings. We bought a house in July 2017 and it is almost finished.

We had problem after problem regarding the building process and they want us to close before the home is completely finished.

We told them we will not close until it’s done so now they are threatening to not extend contract if we don’t close. House is not even done.


I made the mistake with Ryan Homes by not reading any of the reviews. The only thing that I knew about this company was that they built homes in several States and that their stock's are doing phenomenal for their stockholders.

Little did I know that those gains were generated at the expense of those poor individuals that bought their homes. I had problems starting from the walk through the day before closing as the blower motor on the HVAC system wasn't working. This was a prelude to a total of seven breakdowns during my three year ownership. I had three leaks in the basement and one in the garage.

The refrigerator had to be replaced. The dishwasher repaired five times for leaking. The front door bell shorted out. The garage door keypad failed.

Roof shingles blew off the roof on a couple of windy days. Vinyl siding buckled on one side of home. These breakdowns occurring while I was having shoddy workmanship addressed such as the corner cabinet with a large crack in it. Wood floor with several cracked boards.

Doors that were too short or out of line throughout the home. Walls cracking and not plumb. Granite counter that came chipped which Ryan refused to replace and filled them with some filler as a fix. This piece would never be accepted by a homeowner having their kitchen redone and even the installer wouldn't use it.

Carpet had paint drops hardened in them in several spots. The sub floor in two bedrooms had to have additional nails added as the floors actually bounced from lack of being nailed adequately down to the joists. My HVAC system was also undersized to handle the size of the home. It would take hours to move the temperature up just a couple of degrees on a cold day.

I realized early on that this house was going to be a problem and that I had to sell it. Since I was competing with the builder, Ryan, and other new developments in the area, I had to own it for a while or take a big loss. Although I did take a bit of a loss in selling it. It was a three year stress period in my life that I was glad was over and could have been avoided by reading those reviews.

I see many of my past experiences in many of those Ryan reviews I read from time to time today. I found that Ryans success for the stockholder is done by buying every piece of material that goes into the house from the HVAC to the granite. They then hire the cheapest contractors in the area who are paid just to install it. Many of the these contractors hire unskilled illegals to make some sort of profit out of this.

Since the contractors are using equipment, some too cheap for them to use if you were hiring them. That their attitude or workmanship level is substandard. This in addition to the fact that there is no homeowner present and has to pay them after they finish. They are already paid and the job is done poorly as a result.

All of these factors lead to disaster and horribly built home. Ryan tries to compensate by giving one year of great customer service. When you spend that year repairing breakdowns and fixing shoddy workmanship, it kills the homeowner experience of ever having bought a Ryan home. I found that the project manager was really a project coordinator in that he made sure that the various hired contractors showed up on schedule and that the home was moving closer to its closing date.

He never walks the projects under construction and observes the work being done. They put the whole wooden, pre constructed parts, structure up in three days ready to be roofed. It's no wonder why walls aren't plumb or an insufficient amount of nails are used.

These reviews are very important! I hope that somebody who is considering buying a DR Horton house reads your review and saves themselves a detour or stress part in their life which can be avoided.

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