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My husband and I purchased a new home built Horton earlier this year. In the past year, we have found that 1) the construction folks have left nails in the roof, which we were told by the folks that we hired to install our attic fan, could cause our roof to start leaking within the year, 2) they neglected to tell us that we had a no-build zone for half of our backyard which meant that we were unable to put in the patio we wanted, and 3) the shotty pipes they installed in the basement had a carbon monoxide leak causing my husband, my one year old daughter, and I to be sick.

If you do work with Horton, make sure you have a full inspection done to ensure that you aren't conned. There is a reason their homes are reasonable: because they cut corners wherever they can.

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they are well connected in every way. We have been in our home since June in Bham, Al.

have had to fight for every last problem. Sad thing is they have you in an agreement for mandatory arbitration and they pick the arbitrator. Contact your state Builders Association.

BBB is *** and the news media here when D R Horton caught wind put a stop to the story as they are connected in all areas that should help you. The Builders Association here thankfully has found probable cause and they will have to answer some of the problems they refuse to.


I did have a realtor. That didn't seem to help.

She's the one that told us not to waste our money a home inspection since it was new construction. She did work with the actual builder to get a lot of things resolved, but even a realtor is not going to be able to tell you if the foundation is cracked.


It would be beneficial for you to work with a Realtor when building a home. We are professionals.

We work with mortgage companies and the actual Builder. Once you sign a contract with a Sales Rep - their job is DONE. You need someone in YOUR corner every step of the way!

You may find ME on Trulia. MY reputation is EVERYTHING to me.

to Lucy Puniwai #603267

That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of yet. My husband and I did work with a "realtor", we did read all our documents, so did almost 800 other homeowners in our neighborhood but, somehow that still did not protect us from the problems we are facing today in our homes that yet have been resolved almost 6 years later. Please save yourself and write no more because having ones dream come completely crumbling down and then adding an insult that they are complete idiots really lets everyone know how ignorant you really are.

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