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D R Horton is NOT a customer focused builder! We live Oklahoma, one of the D R Horton Community.

We enjoy our home, but dealing with D R Horton on any warranty issues has been a BIG hassle. D R Horton does not return calls, do not honor promises, lie straight to our face, etc. Cecil Pounds, D R Horton City Manager for the Oklahoma City, is unprofessional, less than truthful, speaks with folk tongue, and unbecoming a City Manager, and he is proud to let his customers know that he bought a house from D R Horton's competitor in Oklahoma. So..., what is saying about the quality of a D R Horton's home.

Mark Williams, D R Horton Head of Construction in the Oklahoma City area, denied all warranty requests. His mode of operandi relative to responding to D R Horton customer's warranty requests is "it's cosmestic, not a warranty item". James, D R Horton's Superintendent is total worthless and a "yes" man. He promised that he would resolve the warranty items; however, he would do nothing.

D R Horton pressured us into signing off the warranty requests for warranty items that D R Horton did no work. When we refused, D R Horton harassed us. Overall, the D R Horton's Management Team in the Oklahoma City area is untrustworthy, dishonorable, scam artists, liars, discrimation against non-caucasian individuals, no customer focused, no integrity, and no ethics. They need to be relieved of their duties and responsibilities.

If we would have known this, we would have chosen a different builder. Whenever we get together for a HOA Meeting, a conversation always starts up about how bad and worthless D R Horton is. If you are a non-caucasian potential buyer, stay away from D R Horton -- D R Horton discriminates against the non-caucasian individuals and D R Horton will tell that to your face after the closing. Once D R Horton has your deposit, they disregard all their promises.

Potential home buyers beware of D R Horton! D R Horton is a crooked home builder! We made a mistake of buying a house from D R Horton.

We do not want you to make the same mistake. Stay away from D R Horton!

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Has anyone ever had the tile shower leak through the was so bad that the 2x4's are rotted? And is it common for DR Horton to install bathroom shower tile on the drywall instead of using cement board?

Just wondering if its just our house that was missing the cement board in the shower.

PS the shower has been leaking through for about 8 years! and finally the drywall started puffing out.

Any comments are welcomed!



It is not an issue of having a renter`s mentality, but rather expecting the builder to honor their promises and uphold the warranty agreement. There is an obvious difference between trying to claim scuffed floors and foundation issues.

I have been living in my D.R. Horton home for 36 months and they still have not fixed the holes in the concrete slab. They sent the wrong company out to inspect the 1 year warranty claim of foundation repairs needed due to chunks of concrete separating from the outside of the home and in the garage.

The drywall by the upstairs windows is cracking from the corners all the way to the ceiling. The rep has not returned any of my calls.


DR HORTON came in to my neighborhood and bought up all remainig lots. Kicking out any of the local builders who take pride in their homes.

I have seen many homes where the post tension foundation has needed to be busted up. They have to move plumbing lines which are in the wrong place. I've seen several homes on my street alone have the a/c system ripped out and redone. One house theirs has not been fixed they just add freon.

Also this house has a dryer vent cover that popped off the side of the house. They still have not fixed it. It was just stuck on with some caulk.

They throw these homes up as fast and cheap as they can. DO NOT BUY..


Ditto in Alabama. We have been trying to get D.R.

Horton to fix flaws and errors they made when building our home ever since we bought it brand new in 2006...and still they have done little or nothing. I have given up hope of getting anything fixed by them; their warranty means nothing.


Same warranty problems in Nevada, Pennsylvania, South/North Carolina, Florida, California, Illinois, Colorado, ....and the other 27 states where DHI puts up their shanty-towns. I dare you to buy a D R Horton home and then tru and get them to honor any warranty.

Thousands of people cant all be wrong.... right?


For the most part, I have to agree with Citizen Kane. I have worked in the industry for over 20 years.

I will testify that a large percentage of homeowners expect "the perfect home." That home does not exist. While I am sure there are valid points with regard to how this homeowner has been treated, I am sure they also believe that they are the "only one." A large corporation like this one will not tolorate a "manager" who treats customers, employees or vendors with disrespect & in an unprofessional manner for long.

If the company allows this, they are open to litigation. I am not a betting man, but I will lay money on the fact that the head of construction and superintendent mentioned above are following orders from the city manager.


I've worked for several builders from California, Arizona and Oklahoma for the last 15 years. and one thing i can tell you is that most home owners have a renters mentality.

they still believe that the LANDLORD should fix everything.

well i say welcome to home OWNERSHIP. :cry


forked tongue (like the devil has) not "folk tongue". wow they just handed you that GED huh?




Your spelling is atrocious. Also I'm not entirely sure that this company is the bad guy here.

Judging from your grammar and spelling, you could have very well misread (or I'm guessing didn't read at all) your warranty.

PS. it's modus operandi, not mode of operandi.

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