We bought a brand new D.R. Horton spec home for our family in the Tehama Ridge subdivision in Fort Worth, TX in early 2008.

Shortly after moving in, we discovered that our downstairs bathrooms were exuding a very strong smell of sewer gas. We got them to come in several times to fix the problem but they could not - and have just thrown up their hands and left us with a new home that (1) has health issues from the noxious gases and (2) we will not be able to resell because of this problem. We are stuck with a very stinky "new" house that D.R Horton says they can't fix and because we do not have money to hire a lawyer we can't get replaced. I am now an active advocate against D.R.

Horton and will make sure everyone I speak with knows of how they ignore buyers with new home problems. P.S. - they did a really "professional" job on the yard also - in front and back, it consists of construction trash, rocks and clay chunks with a layer of sod thrown over it.

Never again a D.R. Horton home!!!

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There are only two reasons you'd have sewer odors backing into your home. There either has to be a dry plumbing trap (weir) that is not holding water to prevent sewer gases backing up into your home or the plumbing system isn't vented properly causing a vacuum to pull the water out of the traps.

This occurs when you flush a toilet or possibly run your washing machine pushing water through the system without enough air to allow ventilation in the piping system creating a suction that pulls air/water from another location.

If your system is under a concrete slab, these things will be difficult to identify or fix. Best of luck, hope this helps..


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