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My townhome community had a J-channel problem that caused walls to leak around the windows. Mine was the first one to leak, and because I was getting water damage, I had to get it fixed, even though D.R.

Horton wouldn't take responsibility or fix the problem. With the intervention of our homeowners' association, Horton eventually agreed to fix other homeowners' problems that were still pending, but will not reimburse the money I spent. I do not know whether the problem shows shoddy workmanship, however, I am very upset about their refusal to take responsibility for a construction defect. The last person I spoke with from D.R.

Horton was very nasty to me. I am not asking for a huge amount ($550).

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I'm a professional writer and editor who doesn't understand why so-called "Informed in NC" was so snarky about my writing. If personal attacks truly aren't allowed, can his posting be taken down? I wonder if he posted this in the wrong place, since I am not "Cheap Labor and Materials"


Dear "Cheap labor and Materials..." This was such a hard read for me! I really think it would have flowed alot easier had you proofed your entry prior to posting.

I do however thank you for enlightening me about this company. I am in the market for a NEW property, and DR Horton was one of the builders I was considering for my purchase. You've certainly given me some things to think about as I move forward with my selection process for this project.

I do hope things will get better for you as I can imagine how frustrating and dis-heartening this experience may be for you; ESPECIALLY if the builder is treating you as if you no longer matter now that they've got your name on the dotted line. :(


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