D. R.

Horton has purchased subsurface rights in the Brightleaf at the Park subdivision in Durham, NC at Lot 141 with intentions of conducting fracking operations at such time (and IF) the North Carolina legislature approves fracking operations in North Carolina. This was in a subdivision developed by D. R. Horton, Inc.

These rights are good in perpetuity. This subdivision has homes ranging up to the $500 K range.

I would not be surprised to see numerous complaints from homeowners in this subdivision should fracking ever become legal in North Carolina. Watch your legislature and send them e-mails or letters objecting to the allowance of fracking in North Carolina.

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I'm a NC-based reporter working on a story about this issue and would be interested in talking with people more about this, if you live in that subdivision or know more about this. Sarah@ncpolicywatch.com


I came across this information recently as well, and was wondering whether potential buyers of this subdivision are aware of this clause in their deed.

I know the whole "buyer-beware" bromide, but how can this information be widely disseminated so that people are at least wary of this before closing?

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