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I have never felt so taken advantage of by a large corporation before. From the moment I stepped into D.R. Horton's sales office in January 2007 to purchase my first home, it was a huge mistake.

First, they used a 3rd party realator to represent himself as my real estate agent, whom I later found out received an 8% commission from D.R. Horton on the sale of my condo. He falsely represented himself to be on my side and sat in on the sales meeting pretending to represent me, but never had me sign any state required papers for my authorization to represent me. This only later made sense to me when reading back through the sales documents I noticed that he was hired by D.R. Horton all along. I felt this was extremely shady business.

Things have only gone downhill since the day I moved in. The quality of the home is seriously lacking (unstable 2nd story floor that moves when I walk, bowed out walls, knocking pipes in the wall, leaking fire sprinkler system)... and that's just to name a few.

The kicker was when D.R. Horton admitted to hiring a sub-par contractor to install the fire sprinkler system (Western States Fire Protection Co.), and when I had a leaking ceiling, they came out... cut a huge hole in the sheetrock, admitted it was a faulty installation that was causing the leak, and then after fixing the pipe, left the huge hole in my ceiling! They said it was not under warranty for them to replace the sheetrock they knocked down to get to the pipe they improperly installed. I was shocked! I had no choice in the matter to turn down their offer to fix the leaky pipe, so where in the warranty does it state I now have to replace the huge hole in my ceiling? I have several other friends who work for other builders who have said that would never fly at their company.

I am apaulled at how they choose to treat their customers... especially with what a big purchase this is. I would NEVER recommend purchasing anything from D.R. Horton!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Riverdale, New Jersey, United States #850841

Exact same. 4th sprinkler head in my place just sprung a glycerine leak.

Yes, holes in ceiling. Ridiculous.

Austin, Minnesota, United States #166847

The exact same thing happened to me. Our pipes were leaking from our master bath.

We were still under warranty and after weeks of them putting me off saying that we caused the leak (because I routinely screw with piping, they came to "fix" it. The man was there 5 minutes and my 4 week old brand new home had a 6x8 hole in the ceiling. He left and said we needed to hire it out to be fixed. After 5 weeks, they agreed to "fix" the hole.

The fix was hoddy. years done the road my ceiling is torn up. It will cost approx $1,000 for the pipes to be fixed and we're waiting on the estimate for the dry wall they'll rip out.

DR Horton is sorry! They build cheap (for them, not us) houses and don't stand behind their work.

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