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I purchased a new house on 12/24/2014. That winter they planted the bushes and trees. I mentioned that they would be affected by the winter planting and the supervisor assured me they would be covered under warranty. That spring it was clear that all the bushes & 1 tree had died. The other 2 trees had 50% or less of their leaves. I made a claim. They replaced the different bushes with the same type of bush and only replaced 1 tree. The... Read more

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My wife and I moved into our new beautiful home in Odessa, Tx. Everything was great for the first month or so until our front lawn grass started dying. We told our property manager about our problem numerous times. I repeat NUMEROUS TIMES and nothing was done. I finally had to reach out to a landscaping company which was working on different homes in the area. They told us that the main valve feeding the water lines was tuned off. Long story... Read more

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3700Sf House Built By Dr Horton Review
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We just bought a 3500+SF house built by D R Horton in Boiling Springs SC ( Spartanburg metro area ) November 2016 and totally unsatisfied with a quality of mostly everything . Even though we bought it at a resonable price , now we need to spend about $20k to repaint all the interior , and doors , change all trims and most floor coverings , replace cheap , noise heater and replace broken bath tab we didn't cought at final walk trough . . I assume... Read more

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I am in the process of buying a brand new D R Horton Express home in Phoenix, AZ. To be honest i am kind worry and nervou after reading all the bad reviews from people. I emailed D R Horton coporate about my concerns. They emailed me right back and have one of their Rept from Phoenix called me right away. The Rept assured me that everything will be as it should be. I felt better now and decided to continue the buying process with them. I am... Read more

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D. R Horton, warranty department and customer service is worst.I never see any company had this bad and calling them as No-1 builder. My house was not even done with 1 year warranty from them inspite of water leakage in the garage, and lodged complaint. I was told that they are going to that at walkthru, finally walk thru was not even done, said it is passed the time. I am juggling to some one from their company should attend my complaint.... Read more

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BUYER BE AWARE.....We recently purchased a home in the Magnolia Express Leander Tx . We had a large puddle of water on the side of the home which we pointed out at closing and were told it was due to "heavy rain" or over watering. We contacted Dr Horton after we received a water bill of nearly $500.00 for first months usage (2 people). We submitted the warranty form.The Dr Horton rep came out and turned the water off to the sprinkler system to... Read more

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Im tryna sue DR Horton for selling me a piece of sh*t home..I have mold and mushrooms growing around bottom of shower stall..

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D. R. Horton are some of the worse builders in the country. They farm their work out to somw of the poorest workers from other areas. They do not respect or care about the individuals paying for these homes. I've had some of the same problwms many of you have had and went after them vigorously. They try very had to wear you down. The simple fact that the contract your warranty out to RWC is a joke. RWC's standard answer is " not within the scope... Read more

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We are a mixed couple and have been looked over. We signed a contract in April and here it is 9 months later it not done. I am 29 weeks pregnant and i have the most lazy realtor and he did not do his job our baby will have to home to my brother in law house and it not fair to us they have push our closing back 4 times and we have lost money because we can't have Christmas or my baby shower we lost 2000 extra money and the realtor that we have... Read more

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Century Link came to install internet service and advise me there were no phone jacks in the home. I tried to contact DR Horton several times here in Orlando to report this issue. They never replied to my emails or phone calls. I sent my daughter to their office to let them know that the kids have to have internet service for home work and the lady in warranty was very rude and did not call me as she said she would. I tried to speak with her on... Read more

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