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We recently purchased our DR Horton home in Hammock Bay in June 2016. The quality of construction is horrible. Our master shower and kitchen floors had to be demolished because they were installed incorrectly. There are currently 2 holes in the side of my house because the air conditioning units were installed wrong, and the dry wall is practically falling apart. Don't do it, my list goes on and on! We regret buying this home big time! Read more

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Where to start.... From the lies told by their sales staff, to "tying" is to use their mortgage and title company in order to receive the lip service promise of partial closing costs being paid- to this... A horribly constructed home with bad follow up service. They laid carpet over debris, debate every warranty item to the point where you no longer want to fight. Their contractors are great to deal with but their hands are tied! The office... Read more

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DR Horton Admits incorrectly installed roof, but still refuses to fix it.
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I am a former US Marine Corps Combat Veteran, and bought my first home using my VA Loan from DR Horton approximately 2 years ago. What should have been one of the happiest times in my life for my young family and I has turned into our worst nightmare. We have so many issues with our home I have almost lost count. Our roof leaks. Our AC and heater has broken twice already one time causing mold to grow out of our ceiling. I have attached pictures... Read more

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I built my house in 2009. In the last two years I have had 5 water leaks and sheet rock damage due to faulty plumbing tubing. I don't know who to talk to. The plumbers that have been out all say faulty install and inferior tubing. 761 Fountain Gate, Reata subdivision Read more

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I recently met with a manager by the name of Alex in Reno, Nevada. I was there with my daughter and her fiancé, a young couple who have worked and saved money in order to own a house. The kids agreed to closing on Friday per Alex's request. But along with that came empty promises. The house was supposed to be ready by Monday with a multitude of large and small fix-its done. The kids are still waiting with very little communication from DR... Read more

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We have had so many issues with DR Horton i don't even know where to begin. Our recent problem is they forced us to close when the house was not even complete. They promised us on our close friday july 29 that the house would move in ready monday august 1st. It is now Wednesday August 3rd the house still has not been cleaned, steam cleaned, small holes still need patching, cabinets that are warped still need replacing. And on top of all this... Read more

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I have signed new house in Columbia sc at wildwood and the experience so far was not happy. Quality is not satisfactory and they don't keep promiseses

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I made a deposit on a new home on July 19,2016. on the 20th they informed me that my credit would not qualify for a mortgage. one day later, after telling me they couldn't help me, they deposited the check and pulled money from my account. Since then i have been trying to get a refund of my deposit to no avail. i called the rep Josh Bridges, for his assistance as he told me the day i did the contract, that if they couldn't write my loan, that i... Read more

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July 2016. We have just been in our Florida home for a year. There are already cracks in our stucco, the garage floor is chipping away, and our driveway is a cracked mess. This is in addition to the numerous other issues indoors! Horton has VERY poor workmanship throughout the house. And, beware of their "10 year warranty". It does not cover cracked stucco, cracked driveways, or chipping garage floors (keep in mind this house is a year... Read more

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First of all the construction lots in our neighborhood are kept in an atrocious manner. Each building site has a dumpster and yet trash is scattered all over the lots, which in turn blows into the lake and into the open areas in our neighborhood. I have attached pictures. We have brought this up several times to many different supervisors, managers etc... And yet we have gotten nowhere. The problem is only getting worse because there are now... Read more

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